The Restaurant

At Fradis Minoris everything is special

It is not just the food. At Fradis Minoris, a restaurant overlooking the Sardinian sea, it is also the natural context that is surprising, starting from the road to get there. You will park the car in front of a XII century church consecrated to Saint Efisio and will walk over a stripe of land, around 400 meters, with the sea on your left and the lagoon on your right. The view includes the columns of the villa and baths of the ancient town of Nora, with the salty breeze, the scents of the lagoon’s wild vegetation and the sounds of singing birds, some of a very rare species, such the Audouin's gull. Fradis Minoris has an open kitchen, contemporary and eco-sustainable furnishings built with recyclable materials. The dining room is nearly in the water and from the table your eyes will get lost between the sea and the sky, with Nora and the Aragonese tower in front, and the lagoon of Nora on your side. The menu is created only after the return of Mario’s boat, our main fisherman, together with the other local fishermen and in full respect of nature’s seasons. Fish are caught with traditional methods.