The lagoon

La laguna pagina

A “blue farm” immersed in nature

Fradis Minoris restaurant overlooks the bay, between Agumu beach, Nora promontory and the lagoon. Over the centuries the “Panchina Tirreniana” has come to light, this is a cliff with the presence of marine sediments and fossils where native vegetation now grows, but in the past gave the Romans the material needed to build the town of Nora. In the tangle of channels and small islands created by the Arrieras river a huge number of birds, herons, egrets, kingfishers and the rare Audouin's gull, (endangered species that has formed in this area one of the largest colony in Italy) find shelter. The lagoon of Nora is a bio-diverse natural park, where respect for the environment and use of traditional methods are the base of the fishing ethic tradition. For all the visitors that would like to learn more, the Lagoon Center organizes educational activities, biodiversity trails, excursions with canoe and snorkeling to discover the underwater world. Walking along the Fradis Minoris peninsula and following the guides of the Learning Center, you will discover the life of many marine species, from the smallest organisms to the big cetacean and turtles, cared for and rehabilitated here, at the Cetacean and Turtles Recovery Center.