At Fradis Minoris
everything is special

The food, the natural surrounding and even the road to get here. A stripe of land between the sea and the lagoon will lead you to an island of extraordinary beauty, welcoming you in an enchanting and unique atmosphere.

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and sustainability
behind prime ingredients

The cuisine of the chef combines flavours, colours and scents reflecting the life of the lagoon. It is a dynamic, mature and environmentally sustainable cuisine.

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The Chef

Head chef Francesco Stara is back on his home island. To return to his origins he has chosen the kitchen of Fradis Minoris, a restaurant on the waterfront in the south of Sardinia.

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A “blue farm”
in nature

Fradis Minoris restaurant overlooks the bay and the lagoon, between Agumu beach and the Nora promontory. The lagoon, in the vicinity of Pula, has preserved a natural beauty since ancient times.

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The restaurant

piante alofile fradis minoris

The wild heart of Fradis Minoris

The nature of the lagoon expresses its generosity with the scents and colours of the vegetation, giving inspiration for dishes: leaves, herbs, berries and flowers are a daily part of our menu.

Respect and appreciation for sourcing the best produce

All dishes are prepared with ingredients of the highest quality, with cooking techniques and wine pairings that enhance their essence.
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We work with our heart

Between the sea and the lagoon, we have taken care of this land for years with passion and dedication. We know every aspect of this delicate ecosystem, all its peculiarity and the beauty it can offer. A place that is part of us, from the native herbs, the wildlife and the fishing boats coming together in our kitchen. The dishes at Fradis Minoris are born from this knowledge and from those emotions.

Our philosophy

Sustainability, respect for the marine resources and for the beautiful land we live and work in are the principles that inspire us and this is what makes your experience at Fradis Minoris so unique. A welcoming and relaxed atmosphere, delicious seafood dishes created with sensitivity to the environment and bio-diversity care.

Discover the Lagoon of Nora

Fradis Minoris restaurant is located within the natural park “Laguna di Nora” with a visitor center open daily, guided tours with our biology experts, canoeing excursions and snorkeling.